Online Language Consultants

ELS now offers an ongoing monthly English online language consultancy service. This is a 24/7/365 online language service: anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

All your English language questions answered. All your writing checked. We will answer your questions and check your writing in real time. This means everything will be answered or checked as soon as we receive it.

Online Language Services for Who?

Are you a company with the need for many e-mails checking every day? Contact ELS.

Do you need help with a memo or report? Contact ELS.

Do you need help with homework? Contact ELS.

Do you need a grammar point explaining? Contact ELS.

Are you a teacher needing lesson advice? Contact ELS.

Online Language Services, How?

You can contact us through the media you or your company use. This could be e-mail, web conferencing sofware, messenger, chat, Line, Whatsapp, Skype, Google+ or Hangouts, Tango etc. It is your choice. We do not want to make you use and learn new communication tools. We can work with any of the common choices used by people or businesses today. Just let us know your choice or choices when you sign up.

So How do I Start?

It is quite simple. Just contact us at ELS.

The Concept, design, artwork and literature for ELS were all by Graham Lawrence.